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Chances are you’re here because you’re looking for an additional source of income. If that’s the case, read further to learn what you can do now to start making money already tomorrow.

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O que é Grand Capital?

Vamos conhecer-nos melhor.

A Grand Capital é um fornecedor de tecnologia e serviços modernos de alta qualidade para negociação nos mercados de moeda e derivativos desde 2006. Recebedora de 18 prémios da indústria, regulamentados por uma comissão financeira internacional, a segurança dos depósitos é garantida pela Serenityб escrow baseada em blockchain.

Ganhar dinheiro no Forex: é para mim?

  • Você tem um computador ou um smartphone?
  • Você tem US $50-300 para começar?
  • Você tem acesso à Internet?
  • Do you want to make profit with successful trading?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may get your first profit very soon.

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Como começar?

We have noticed that the best results are achieved by those who both trade independently and copy trades of others.
Start with two simple things:

1. Open a practice account with a demo deposit.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Baixe a plataforma de negociação para o seu telefone.
  • Abra uma conta demo Standard (com um depósito demo de $10,000).
  • Siga os sinais e abra operações.
  • Visite a página de Termos.
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2. Ativar o lucro instantêneo com RAMM

O RAMM permite copiar estratégias eficazes fornecidas por traders experientes.

  • Escolha estratégias na classificação ;
  • Create a RAMM account and deposit at least $150;
  • Diversify your risks by investing in at least three different strategies (minimum sum of investment in one strategy is $50);
  • Veja o seu lucro crescer todos os dias!
  • Retire o lucro a qualquer momento.
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Mitos sobre Forex

You may have heard a popular opinion suggesting that Forex is some kind of scam. We have collected the most widespread myths about Forex to show why they are exactly that — no more than myths.

  1. Myth no. 1: you can’t earn anything in Forex

    Mito # 1

    You can’t earn anything in Forex

    Obviously, a myth. Thousands of traders working with Grand Capital make money every day. Essentially, they are doing the same thing that banks, exchangers and large corporations do: they buy and sell assets. The main goal is to buy cheap and sell high. Put simply, this is the gist of financial market trading. Prices change every day, more for some assets, less for the others. The market is moving fast, millions of trades are placed every minute. And every minute someone makes profit.

  2. Myth no. 2: only a few are able to learn their way around Forex

    Mito #2

    Only a few are able to learn their way around Forex

    Of course, this is quite far from the truth. If you’re new to the market, it’s true that you’ll need some time to understand how to use the trading terminal, learn the terminology and how to place trades. Everything that follows will turn into an exciting process: you place orders to buy or sell currency, someone buys it from you at your price, then you look for favorable offers and buy with an intention to sell higher. Grand Capital provides access to the market of high liquidity, which means all your buy and sell orders will always be met with a matching offer.

  3. Myth no. 3: Forex is a scam

    Mito #3

    Forex é um golpe

    Another myth. Forex (stands for foreign exchange) is a free international currency exchange market that has been around in its modern form since 1978, under an international agreement. At first, only big market players could place trades (market makers): banks, foundations, transnational corporations, countries. Starting from 1990s, the market became available to private investors thanks to the introduction of microlots and split lots (significantly reducing the minimum sum of a transaction). Today, Forex is just a currency market everyone can trade in, but they need an intermediary to provide the software and the whole infrastructure for the creation of accounts, placing orders, depositing and withdrawing funds. Forex brokers are such intermediaries.

  4. Mito nº 4: a perda do cliente é o ganho da corretora

    Mito #4

    A perda do cliente é o ganho para a corretora

    Also a myth. Brokers are interested in successful clients. Of course, there are dishonest companies. Such brokers appear our of nowhere with aggressive marketing strategies, then disappear just as quickly with the clients’ money. Real brokers are focused on long-term operation. They make their profit from trading volume and commissions from each trade, both profitable and losing ones. That’s why they have no interest in the client’s loss. In fact, the opposite is true: they are interested in clients who place as many trades as possible as often as possible and continue to work with the company, leading to growing volumes. It means that brokers are interested in the client’s profit. That’s why brokers offer various additional services: trading signals, copying trades of successful traders, market analysis, better trading conditions. They do everything to help clients on their way to success.

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