Forex tournaments on demo and real accounts



Forex trading contests are appropriate for both novice and experienced traders. It is an opportunity for newcomers to apply their knowledge in a real market and competitive environment. They can use the prize money to begin trading instead of their funds if they win.

Professional traders frequently participate in such competitions, even those that use demo accounts. That's how they hone their skills, try new strategies, and boost their bank account when they win.

Participate in our trading tournaments!

What motivates traders to enter tournaments?

• A no-deposit bonus or a withdrawable prize

Regular participants account for roughly 30% of all traders who compete in Grand Capital tournaments. The competitions are held several times a month and have become a goldmine for many: winners receive funds for trading, reduce risks, and increase profits.

If you win one of our tournaments, the extra money will be added to your account; use it for trading, and you will eventually be able to withdraw the profit. Prize money for various competitions reaches $1000. Real money prizes can be traded and withdrawn.

Each Forex trading challenge usually has multiple winners. For example, in the monthly Future Trade, the first winner receives a $1,000 no-deposit bonus with the option to withdraw the profit. Everyone in the top ten receives their prize. The second place receives $200, the third place receives $150, and so on.

• Perform a self-test before engaging in serious trading.

It's ideal for newcomers because they can put their skills to the test without risking a real investment. Trading without risk in a highly competitive environment is safe and allows you to experience the thrill of competition while learning how the real financial market operates.

Even experienced traders admit that competitive trading is more complex than actual trading. If one wins a competition, their actual trading activities will generate more profit.

Types of trading tournaments in Grand Capital

• Micro Trade: Forex competition with real money accounts

This tournament is appropriate for experienced traders and those who are just starting. Participants trade on Micro accounts with deposits ranging from $50 to $200 every last week of the month. The top ten traders receive 10%-300% of the equity difference and the entire profit made during the round.

• Drag Trade: fierce competition on demo accounts

This Forex demo contest takes place every Friday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. (terminal time). Everyone has an hour to prove their worth and win the main prize — a real withdrawable $200. In this tournament, traditional instruments are used for trading. They are available in WebTrader on a special Drag Trade demo account.

• Rally Trade: Put your trading strategy to the test.

A well-chosen trading strategy is 90% of market success. Rally Trade provides an excellent opportunity to put your trading system to the test while also having the chance to win money. Each participant receives a $10,000 demo account and access to all classic Forex instruments once every two weeks, from 3 PM on Thursday to 3 PM on Friday (terminal time).

The Forex trading competition results are as follows: a participant who generates the most profit is declared the winner and receives $500 in bonuses, with the option to withdraw the profit. As with the other tournaments, the top ten will not go home empty-handed: all winners will receive cash prizes.

• Future Trade: maximize your profit to receive a $1,000 no-deposit bonus.

Futures trading is one of the most complex financial market competitions. Each participant receives a personal demo account with access to over 250 CFDs on stocks (except US companies), commodities, indices, currencies, or metals. The contestants are free to use any instrument or strategy they want. After a week of trading on a $10,000 demo account, the trader who makes the most profit receives a $1,000 bonus. All profits made while trading the bonus funds are free to withdraw.

Choose a Forex trading competition that suits you and win!

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